23 April 2014

MODULOK feat. HR: ‘Golden Rule’ video (2014)

Canadian rapper Modulok is named after a member of the Evil Horde from He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe. But don’t hold that against him – he’s got enough trouble on his hands on reggae hip-hop number Golden Rule – a track where he lyrically reveals that he hangs out with, “old dreads”. If a golden rule of collaborations is ‘don’t let yourself be upstaged by your guest’ our man might have cut things a bit fine by inviting Bad Brains‘ original vocalist (and old dread) HR…READ FULL POST @ MONKEYBOXING.COM

BAILEYS BROWN: Baileys On Ice (2014) + Pharcyde ‘Passin’ Me By’ (Baileys Brown remix) free download

Baileys Brown takes the Bristol bass sound back to the old school with lushly arranged dusty hip-hop breaks replete with strings and soul loops and film samples along with a host of local vocal heroes including Cobra, Eva Lazarus of Dub Mafia, Datkid, and Jay Wilcox on his Baileys On Ice EP. The PR says, “think Mark Ronson meets DJ Premier at a late night coffee shop.” I’m going more with ‘the woozy soundscapes of Asheru & Blue Black’s Soon Come mingling with early Smith & Mighty as …READ FULL POST @ MONKEYBOXING.COM