16 April 2014

PARIS DJS: Funk/ Soul Soundsystem Compilation – submissions wanted (2014)

Look out! MB’s French homies over at parisdjs.com want your soul. Not in a Satanic way though since they want your funk too. Why? Well, they’re about to start compiling Killas, Thrillas & Chillas, the eighth compilation on the Parisdjs label. Specifically, they’re looking for “psychedelic funk, freaky soul, foot stompers…[and]…raw dancefloor fillers connecting the various strands of the black diaspora.” If only they knew of another website …READ FULL POST @ MONKEYBOXING.COM


Whatever MustBeat’s Zenit Incompatible is incompatible with, it’s not soothing downtempo grooves as he funnels the essence of the chilled, post-club, early hours vibe of Euro party city, Budapest into four tracker the Anywhere EP. Head to the middle two tracks for the best of these as he chops up smokey jazz over lazy breaks and cuts up …READ FULL POST @ MONKEYBOXING.COM

BOY OLIVER: Beat-Herder Festival 2014 Promo Mix (2014) Free download

West Yorkshire funk-soul-brother Boy Oliver is playing that festival in July. You know the one – what is it? Breaks-Wrangler? No, that’s not it. Rhythm-Rustler? Nope – that sounds more like the name of an Ann Summers’ pocket rocket…Oh! I know! Beat-Herder! That’s the one. Your ‘boy’ describes it as, “A mixtape of soul-shaking sunshine sounds…[he]…put together for the lovely people at…READ FULL POST @ MONKEYBOXING.COM

15 April 2014

SCOUR RECORDS: Scoured Cream Vol. 4 (2014)

Consider the number four for a moment: the number of the great elements – earth, air, fire and water; the number of ‘noble truths’ in the Buddhist philosophy and the number of letters in the Tetragrammaton. Oh and now also the number of the forthcoming volume of Scour Records‘ Scoured Cream series. And its name shall be Scoured Cream Vol. 4 – and the number of tracks thereon shall be eight. Not two or five or seven, but …READ FULL POST @ MONKEYBOXING.COM

PANAMA CARDOON: Hasta La Wiggle (2014)

If you were wondering why there hadn’t been much action from Panama Cardoon and the Carnibal Records stable recently, here’s your answer. After a few years of booties and remixes on such labels as Resense, Bombastic Jam and Danny Massure’s Spring Strut, Carnibal main-man Cardoon is releasing his debut LP Hasta La Wiggle on which he gives full rein to his twin loves of latin breaks and…READ FULL POST @ MONKEYBOXING.COM

WARSON: Don’t Stop EP (2014)

…and he don’t stop! Warson that is, back from adventures in funky house-land (there ain’t no funk in house – Funk Ed.) to ensure he lets the breakbeat drop. Don’t Stop is his latest three-tracker and opener Louder pulls no punches, cunningly cutting up Fergie’s verse from Pump It on a Skeewiff-ish funky horns break in such a way …READ FULL POST @ MONKEYBOXING.COM